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The births of my own children inspired me to want to support and share with other parents, the amazingness that is, "The Birth Journey". It wasn't until I began being called to friend's births to simply hold their hand and/or space, that I realized that this is possibly more than an opportunity to be a good friend with my own experiences, but an actual calling to assist birthing parents and their families along their own paths.

I've been with the Hudson River Doulas since the origin in 2013.  My expertise lies in placenta encapsulation, baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding support/troubleshooting, being a doula to the birth partner as well and postpartum support. 

My strengths lie in a combination of my background as an occupational therapy assistant (COTA), my education in Communications (both spoken and non-verbal) and Religious studies as well as being a holistic parent.  I use my COTA background to help moms understand the development of their newborns and young children as well as my attachment parenting skills to foster bonding between mom and baby.

I'm also a former Soprano I who performed at Carnegie Hall and The Met and have been known to breathe or sing along with birthing parents during their transition time. 

Suzie D’Angelo