Susan originally turned to yoga for relief from chronic lower back pain. When it was alleviated after the first class, she was hooked. Through 20 years of practice and study she has witnessed yoga's ability to transform the body, help heal from injuries, and ease the discomfort of her own pregnancy, labor and delivery. Now as a mother chasing after a toddler, she enjoys helping other women through the joys and challenges of pregnancy and the post-partum period.  

Susan has been teaching yoga since 2000 and currently teaches at Clear Yoga in Rhinebeck. She studies Iyengar yoga with Jessica Becker and attends workshops with many advanced Iyengar teachers such as Manouso Manos, Joan White, and Kevin Gardiner. Susan holds a teaching certificate from the Yoga Institute of Houston and is currently enrolled in the Clear Yoga Mentorship Program with Jessica Becker in preparation to be certified in the Iyengar method.

Susan Tveekrem