Breastfeeding Support at Waddle n Swaddle

Breastfeeding support and education at Waddle n Swaddle is provided by Jenn Sullivan, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist.  Three options are available: pre and postnatal classes, private appointments and three free weekly nursing circles.

Breastfeeding Classes
Breastfeeding Essentials is a prenatal breastfeeding class designed to be taken in the 7-9th month of pregnancy.  Families who take an independent breastfeeding class prior to birth report higher success of meeting breastfeeding goals and more confidence in their breastfeeding relationship.

Breastmilk Expression and Storage is a postnatal breastfeeding class designed for exclusively pumping moms, women planning on returning to work and women who have returned to work and need help with their pumping and milk supply.  

Private Appointments
If your nursing relationship requires more extensive one on one support such as fundamental latch assessment including positioning, misshapen nipples, low milk supply and lip/tongue tie; problems or questions about pumping; breastfeeding management issues; postpartum depression support or other more complex issues then you should make a private appointment.  Please text me for an appointment at 845-240-8399.

Nursing Circle
Our FREE nursing circle is a support group designed to help with common breastfeeding concerns. The topics include general coverage of positioning, latch assessment, returning to work preparation, bottle introduction and adjusting to life with a breastfeeding baby. Bring your baby to share and learn in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  Expectant Mothers are welcome.  Drop-in support group, RSVP not necessary.  Most groups last an hour after the circle is over for mom to mom support.

Thursdays; 1-2pm in Poughkeepsie

Contact Jenn Sullivan, CBS via email: or by phone: 845-240-8399.