Breastfeeding Education & Support

Private in-office breastfeeding support appointments are available daily, as well as on the weekend or in the evenings. Please text 845-240-8399 to schedule your appointment. I see families in Waddle n Swaddle Poughkeepsie and New Paltz.

I offer a unique style to breastfeeding support, and as a result have several different pathways to provide education and assistance to breastfeeding families in meeting their goals.  My specialities include latch problems, tongue and lip tie, supplementing that supports weight gain and maintains/increases breastmilk supply, returning to work, breastfeeding multiples, weaning and exclusive pumping.  

If you are an expecting family, here is a link to my Breastfeeding Essentials class, which I strongly recommend you take with your partner or support person in the 7-9th month of pregnancy.

The quickest way to get in touch with me is via text, 845-240-8399.  You can also reach me via email or find me on Facebook.

In-office or in-home breastfeeding support
This consult is designed to define your family's goals around breastfeeding or pumping breastmilk.  The appointment will focus on identifying challenges, providing solutions, and developing a comprehensive care plan.  Problems including weight gain, painful or shallow latch, nipple or breast pain, mastitis, plugged ducts, lip/tongue tie, and low pumping volume are addressed.

$150 for initial consult (90 min)
$100 for re-check (60 min)

Families who have taken Breastfeeding Essentials or repeat families:
$100 for initial consult (60 min)

In-home breastfeeding support
$250 for initial consult (90 min)
$200 for re-check (60 min)

Breastmilk Pumping and Storage support
This consult (also available in a group class format) is essential for the mother who is exclusively expressing her breastmilk for her baby or a breastfeeding mother returning to work and planning on pumping. 

$100 for initial consult (60 min)
$75 for follow up (45 min)

Weaning Support
This consult (also available in a group class format) is essential in forming a plan around the weaning process in order to make it gentle for baby and safe for mom.  This will include introduction to solids, night weaning, alternative milks, bottle or cup introduction, role of caregivers, naps and much more.

$100 for initial consult (60 min)
$75 for follow up (45 min)

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For more information text Jenn Sullivan at 845-240-8399 or email

Jenn also offers the following classes and support at Waddle n Swaddle: