Bra Fittings

A well fitting bra makes all the difference in the world, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your changing body makes even your favorite bras feel uncomfortable. At Waddle n Swaddle we understand that comfort comes first. That is why we stock the best selling maternity and nursing bras and tanks of all the major brands. Each woman is different and we are here to make you as comfortable and supported as possible. Come in to either location and a certified bra fitter will assist you in making the best choice for you body.

Frequently asked questions:
Did you know that one of the main things we started Waddle n Swaddle for was for bra fittings? You don't have to guess your size or be uncomfortable. We often get asked when a mom should be fit for a maternity/nursing bra. After 10 years of bra fittings, I have found these rules are good guides:

1. As soon as your uncomfortable in your current bra (don't keep sizing up in "regular" bras). YES we can accommodate in most instances for long term sizing, some exceptions occur in large cups.

2, When you are 34-35 weeks pregnant if you have been comfortable in what you have.
We suggest 3 bras/tanks prior to birth so that you have a clean bra or tank available in the early weeks when laundry is a challenge.

Why are fittings important? 
1. A poorly fitting bra can cause clogged ducts
2. Lack of support can cause both upper and lower back pain for mama
3. I find as an LC a comfortable mom makes all the difference for attention to breastfeeding.

Where to get fitted?
Waddle n Swaddle has a location in Poughkeepsie!