Physical Therapist: Dr. Ashley Hocutt

Specializing in Women's Health

Initial Evaluation
A one on one, 60 minute session with the therapist. 

Includes medical history, assessment of alignment, examination of various joint and soft tissue mobility, muscle activation and strength testing. If time allows, treatment will begin during the evaluation. Pt will receive education on their condition, prognosis and begin a simple home exercise program customized to their needs. 

Treatment session
Treatments are 45 minute private sessions.

Each session will consist of a combination of the following:

  • Soft tissue mobilization/massage

    • To release new/old scar tissue adhesions from adjacent muscles, nerves and viscera (ex: a C-section scar adhered to the bladder)

    • To restore length and proper mobility of skin, muscles, fascia and visceral tissues 

  • Joint mobilization for efficient alignment and mobility 

  • Manually guided re-education or facilitation of appropriate muscle control

  • Patient education regarding their condition and prognosis

  • Training for pain free efficient functional static and dynamic postures

    • Such as sitting, standing, sleeping and walking

  • Provide a proper individualized home program 

Please wear comfortable, non constricting clothing.

Available by appointment
Mondays, 9am-4pm in Poughkeepsie

To schedule an appointment click here.

Please call 845.293.3667 or email Dr. Ashley Hocutt with any inquiries.

For more information: 
Please refer to for more information such as diagnoses treated, physical therapy direct access (not needing a physician's referral) and how to receive out-of-network insurance reimbursement.