WnS Pinterest Page

You may have noticed that we recently started using Pinterest, a terrific platform to visually experience just about anything. We're trying to make good use of it to showcase products and coming soon products too! And not just products but also we'll share books and fun quirky parenting  stuff or great quotes. Well, you get the (pin)point :) 

So check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

screenshot of WnS Pinterest Page

screenshot of WnS Pinterest Page

Waddling Forward


Our website is long long overdue for an update. We decided to start this process now but work in phases. This means that our old site is winding down and being replaced with a new very simple minimalistic design on a different platform and server. We are migrating all of the important content including classes, services, teacher profiles etc. We'll make sure the new site is very simple and easy to use and that all of the common content and resources are accessible. Please be patient as this migration will take some time to complete and may result in some inconveniences along the way.

Along with our new website, we are finally relaunching an online store! Once upon a time, we did have an online store but decided to take it down and research better solutions. Then we eventually started talking about changing to a new POS system and how an online store should seamlessly integrate with the POS and all of our store inventories. This complex issue took a few years to conclude with a series of business decisions and investment. With that said, we are very happy to provide once again a way to buy great products online at shop.waddlenswaddle.com!

We will continue to  use this space to post updates on our progress and cross-post to Facebook and Twitter for those who follow us on those channels.

Thanks for your support!