Marnie McKnight-Favell
IET M-I and homeopath

Marnie is the founder of Dragonfly Holistic, LLC. She is a homeopath and energy healer supporting women, children, and families to find optimal wellness and emotional-physical-spiritual balance.

Using homeopathy, adults as well as children (and pets!) can support their self-healing mechanism to quickly recover from common ailments and injuries, as well as to rebalance the system to feel better and to optimally function year-round. Parents seek homeopathy to help their children to feel their best, and adults use homeopathy to rebalance themselves both physically and on a more subtle level. From minor bumps to broken bones, homeopathy has a phenomenal track record as a first aid modality; as a constitutional approach, homeopathy is deeply supportive of overall wellness and health on all levels.

Energy healing is a gentle yet profound approach to restoring emotional and whole-body balance. If you have experienced trauma or stress, consider energy healing to transmute any areas that feel delicate or stuck so that you can participate in your life with renewed joy, patience, and enthusiasm.

Birth trauma is a special area of practice Marnie addresses with clients. Marnie helps mothers who have experienced birth trauma and other traumatic or stressful life circumstances to safely, gently, and deeply process and integrate their experience, guiding them in illumination and peace, deeper trust in themselves, and freedom to move forward in their mothering journey and for subsequent pregnancies. Marnie has worked with women in support of the healing and integration of trauma for more than 15 years.

Marnie’s practice weaves skilled energy healing technique, coaching support, meditation and yoga practices to help women to anchor deeply and process their healing with grace.

Marnie enjoys yoga, cooking and eating healing foods (and comfort foods), music, bicycling, and spending time with her family in the beautiful Hudson Valley.