Marnie McKnight-Favell

IET M-I and homeopath

I am the founder of Dragonfly Holistic, LLC. I am a healer and homeopath supporting women. 

My work helps mothers who have experienced birth trauma and other traumatic or stressful life circumstances to safely, gently, and deeply process and integrate their experience, guiding them in illumination and peace, deeper trust in themselves, and freedom to move forward in their mothering journey and for subsequent pregnancies. As a healer, I have worked with women in support of the healing and integration of trauma for over a decade. 

Through my work, I help you to re-member your innate empowerment, guiding you from a crisis point to sovereignty and absolute Self-love and dignity, with the awareness that women are Wayshowers for the new earth. My practice weaves skilled energy healing technique, coaching support, meditation and yoga practices to help women to anchor deeply and process their healing with grace. Dragonfly Holistic has been my private practice since 2004.

Dragonfly Holistic, LLC
Supporting the healing process of birth
Offices in Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck and serving women worldwide



Marnie offers the following support and services: