Lynn always dreamed of teaching, even as a small child in pretend play.  So, when she graduated from her Master’s Program for teaching at Columbia University, she was right on track.  She taught for several years until she and her husband decided to start a family of their own.  She planned to stay at home with the kids until they were all in school and then return to teaching.  But in 2004, her third child, Nora Kate, was born with Down syndrome, and suddenly her life plan changed…and all for the better!

Although Lynn started Nora Kate off with the typical therapies, before long, she found herself seeking more holistic approaches.  She soon stumbled across an article in Mothering Magazine that suggested The Feldenkrais Method as a transformative approach so she found Nora Kate a practitioner.  After a short time, Lynn realized how dramatically this Method was affecting Nora Kate—not only her coordination, but her learning, and her level of independence and self-regulation.  Suddenly, it became clear that a new path lay in front of Lynn.  Within two months, she was enrolled in a Feldenkrais training in Manhattan, which would allow her to take her love of teaching in a new direction.

Lynn studied for four years at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York and went on for additional training at The Field Center for Children’s Integrated Development, where she completed a two-year Advanced Training in Feldenkrais for Children.  Over the past three years, Lynn has expanded her practice to include Metatronic Energy work, which, combined with her Feldenkrais training, takes healing to an even deeper level. The combination of these two modalities is powerful.  It allows entry into several physiological systems at once, leading to profound changes in both children and adults. 

Lynn holds office hours in Poughkeepsie on Mondays and Fridays and in Norfolk, Connecticut, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Lynn M. Kenny, GCFP
(845) 978-6506