Friday, June 2; 6-8pm

You are a good parent!

But parenting is an intense commitment. It utilizes all of your resources. Sometimes we forget about our connection with our children in the heat of the moment, and we do or say things we later regret. 

If you are dealing with challenges, join us to discuss tools and tips on: 

  • Dealing with intense emotions (yours and your child's)
  • Parenting overwhelm
  • Screen time
  • Self-care

This class is offered free of cost in our Poughkeepsie location. 

This class is presented by Michelle Wolin and Marnie McKnight-Favell

Michelle Wolin owns and directs Circle of Friends Preschool in Highland, NY. She holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from Teachers College and has decades of teaching experience with young children. 

Marnie McKnight-Favell is a healer and the owner of Dragonfly Holistic, a private healing practice serving women and families, specializing in birth trauma, and supporting you during postpartum, parenting, and more.