Jenny L. Baltazar, MA, LMT

Jenny is a mom to two very active, fun-loving little girls, Isabella (5) and Catalina (2).  She has a passion for health and healing and uses therapeutic touch and aromatherapy at home to help her own children sleep better, soothe growing pains and ease allergy and sinus discomfort.  Jenny is a NYS licensed massage therapist with 15 years of experience.  Prior to building her massage therapy practice, she did graduate and undergraduate work in psychology, women’s health and education.  Jenny worked in the areas of family counseling and child development for several years.  Jenny received her massage training from the Swedish Institute in New York City. Upon graduating she completed her certification in prenatal and postnatal massage.   She began her practice by specializing in the care of women, particularly in all stages of pregnancy and postpartum care.  A few years later, Jenny completed her certification to teach infant massage to parents and caregivers.  She expanded her practice to include workshops for parents.  The workshops offer support and teach nurturing touch strategies to parents with new babies and young children.  Last year, Jenny completed a specialized training in pediatric massage for children of all ages.  She offers integrative, therapeutic and fun sessions to help children with stress, anxiety, sleep problems, sport injuries, digestive issues, muscular/growing pains, sensory integration and tough emotions.  Parents can also learn wonderful peaceful parenting techniques and ways to help implement massage at home for their children.Jenny believes parenting is a delicate balance of caring for yourself and your children.  She invites parents and caregivers to come for therapeutic bodywork with their children.  Share an hour of time with your child or you can simply receive a session and your child can play, read, breastfeed or rest beside you in the room.  

Jenny is a gifted and intuitive healer with a compassionate heart and many years of experience.  She finds joy in being outside in nature, taking dance and pilates classes, and spending time with her family.