Homeopathy in Emergencies!
Hosted by Dragonfly Holistic, LLC

Wednesday, November 15; 7:30pm - 8:30pm in Beacon
RSVP by November 13 at 845.242.2979 or marnie@dragonflyholistic.com

Sprains and croup and flu, oh my!

What do you usually do when (minor) emergencies happen? Do you have a strategy to help treat injuries and illnesses? Would you like to understand an alternative approach to managing the situation?

Join Marnie McKnight-Favell for a discussion about how homeopathy looks at acute situations and common "emergencies" where you can use homeopathy to help you and your family to quickly get on the mend. This event is free. 

Marnie is a homeopath and owner of Dragonfly Holistic, LLC, serving women and families for over a decade through homeopathy, energy healing, yoga, and meditation. She has offices in Poughkeepsie and Beacon, and she sees clients worldwide through distance sessions.