Harley Martino


Harley has been working at Waddle n Swaddle for about 2 years and taught classes here before that. She loves the amazing families that she has had the pleasure of meeting and working with over her time here. The store has been a great place for her to learn so many news things and to get support on any issues, parenting or just general life, that she has faced. She hopes that by providing a warm and open place for new and seasoned parents to come and shop she is also providing them with the support and help that she has found so invaluable here. She specializes in cloth diapers and babywearing and teaches the 101 classes for both. She recently graduated with a BA in Human Services and while she is looking for a new job in that field, Waddle n Swaddle will always be a huge part of her life and she hopes to stay involved with the community for many years to come. Oh, and she also has this wicked cute 5 year old named Alex, he totally rocks and make life worth living ;)

Where you can find her: Poughkeepsie on Wednesdays, and Beacon on Thursdays and some weekends.