Feldenkrais lessons with Lynn M. Kenny, GCFP

The Feldenkrais Method is effective for people of all ages, from infants to seniors. It is a neurological approach treats the whole person, targeting the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. From pain issues to learning issues to neurological problems and behavioral issues, the Feldenkrais Method is a powerful tool that will bring resolution.

Why the Feldenkrais Method works
As babies, we explore movement to create millions of pathways in our brains. The Feldenkrais Method engages with this fundamental connection between movement and learning to help both children and adults make real changes in movement habits that translate into meaningful changes in their brains and in their lives.  This approach engages with the healthy parts of the person rather than focusing on the parts that aren't working properly.  Since learning is much easier when people are pointed towards their strengths rather than their deficiencies, progress is much quicker and the learning goes much deeper.  For more detailed information on the Feldenkrais method, please go to www.movebewell.com

Who can benefit from the Feldenkrais Method?
Adults seek out this work for pain issues, neurological disorders, or simply to increase their range of motion, improve their posture or to diminish stress or anxiety.

Parents seek out this therapy because it works with the WHOLE CHILD rather than targeting one skillset that the child is struggling with.  Children who receive Feldenkrais lessons improve across the board in the areas of PT, OT, Speech and learning.  This Method is extremely successful in helping children with sensory issues, neurological problems, undiagnosed developmental delays, genetic disorders, spectrum disorders, speech delays, scoliosis or torticollis, anxiety and independence issues and much more.

My Story
I became a Feldenkrais practitioner because this Method has made a tremendous difference in the life of our daughter, Nora Kate, who was born with Down Syndrome. I take great joy in helping to change the lives of other children and those of their families using this exceptional neurological approach.  (For the complete story, please visit Nora Kate's Story on my website www.movebewell.com)

Office Hours and fees
Office hours will be by appointment only in Poughkeepsie
Mondays; 12:30-4:30pm
Fridays; 10-5pm

Each Feldenkrais lesson lasts approximately one hour with a fee of $95 for children and $100 for adults.  

If you would like to discuss your situation directly, please call Lynn at (845) 978-6506.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone or during a free 15 minute consult at one of my offices.  If you would like more information about the Feldenkrais Method, please visit my website at www.movebewell.com.

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