Energy Healing and Homeopathy Support

Energy healing work and homeopathy for families to support physical and emotional healing. Specializing in birth trauma and postpartum healing, and natural wellness support for adults and children. Private and community sessions by appointment at our Beacon location.

Thursdays, 10:30-4:30pm in Beacon

Mothers: Marnie McKnight-Favell works closely with you to facilitate the process of deep healing from one of life’s most significant events: pregnancy and childbirth. If you are seeking support for a traumatic birth, private energy healing sessions are ideal for gently but deeply healing cellular memory - your physical, emotional, and mental memory patterns - of your experience.

Families: Children as well as parents benefit from the natural support of homeopathy, which aids you in your own healing from both acute and chronic complaints.

Birth Trauma and Postpartum Support:

If your birth experience was complicated or left you feeling distressed, you are not alone. Under average conditions, a new mother must allow her body to heal, adjust to sleep deprivation and learn to adapt to her new baby’s feeding cues and needs, while making emotional adjustments to the new family structure. When a birth does not go as planned, this process can become complicated. Your body may also need to heal from medical or surgical procedures or trauma during or after birth. Emotionally, you may be feeling deep sadness, grief, fear, or anger about your experience. These feelings are multi-faceted and deserve attention and loving care. Your healing process may be more complex.

Our modern Western society is not generally designed to provide the multi-layered support necessary after a complex childbirth experience. However, the work we do together provides this unique type of support: emotional and spiritual nurturing. The services I offer are well suited to mothers who have experienced trauma during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or in the postpartum time.

Energy healing is a gentle yet profound approach to restoring emotional and whole-body balance. If you have experienced trauma or stress, consider energy healing to transmute any areas that feel delicate or stuck so that you can participate in your life with renewed joy, patience, and enthusiasm.

This work is also suitable for you if you feel you are not making natural transitions, struggling for connection, or if you are experiencing a difficult adjustment period.

Benefits of this work include:

  • gentle processing of your experiences
  • returning to a sense of safety and trust of your body
  • reconnecting with yourself, your intuition, and your body
  • eepening your connection with your child and your partner

Overview of services:

Energy healing sessions in private sessions as well as community circles, ideal for the postpartum period and in the early years of motherhood. Relax and receive profound energetic shifts in a deeply relaxing atmosphere.

Homeopathic consultations are also available. I offer acute as well as constitutional homeopathic support to you and your family to promote deep healing and rebalancing of the system on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Families seek support for a broad range of reasons: recurring imbalances (such as ear or respiratory infections), improvement of overall wellness after a period of being run-down, healing from injuries or minor illness, and emotional-mental support around concerns such as anxiety and social difficulties.

Using homeopathy, you can support your self-healing to quickly recover from common ailments and injuries, as well as to rebalance the system to feel your best year-round. From minor bumps to broken bones, homeopathy has a phenomenal track record as a first aid modality; as a constitutional approach, homeopathy is deeply supportive of overall wellness and health on all levels.

For scheduling or information, please contact Marnie McKnight-Favell at 845.242.2979 or by email at For more information visit