Comfort Measures

A woman’s pregnancy can bring about a variety of physical, emotional and sometimes spiritual aches and pains.  The birth partner will also encounter their own range of emotions as they listen, observe and engage in the transformation into parenthood.  If the couple works together through positive communication to prepare for their journey, it can make all the difference during pregnancy, labor, delivery and beyond.

The Comfort Measures class provides an expanded opportunity for couples to explore natural pain relief methods for childbirth.  This class is for pregnant women and their partners who have already taken an introductory birthing class but want to learn more.  Whether you are planning to have a medicated or unmedicated birth, this is the class that will help you bring more ease and comfort to your labor and birth.  Both partners will learn new ways to approach the birth experience with less fear, and more joy.         

In this 2-hour, fun, relaxing and interactive class, couples will learn and practice nurturing and simple comfort strategies for aiding in the progression of labor and birth.  In addition, both partners will discover ways to offer effective communication and support during pregnancy, labor, delivery and beyond.

Topics Include:
* Common discomforts in pregnancy
* Labor & Birth Positions
* Massage & Acupressure
* Water Therapy
* Partner Support
* Rebozo

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.  Class participants are encouraged to bring 2 bed pillows, a hand or bath towel, a birth ball and a water bottle to class.

The cost of this 2 hour class is $60.

Saturday, June 8; 12:30-2:30pm
Saturday, August 10; 12:30-2:30pm
Saturday, October 12; 12:30-2:30pm
Saturday, December 14; 12:30-2:30pm

For more information please reach Suzie at 917-749-0513 or via email

This class is also offered as part of our comprehensive, 3 part Birth Essentials Childbirth Education Series.