Brittani O'Hearn


Brittani is passionate about working for a women owned and operated business that promotes wellness and provides a supportive community for families. Her area of expertise is our growing selection of children's books! She spends her weekends working at a local bookstore, and believes it's never too early to cultivate a love for reading. Be sure to stop in and get her latest recommendation from our collection. Brittani lives under the Shawangunk ridge in Gardiner, NY with her partner, stepdaughter, and 1 year old son Judah. She is a reproductive and birth justice advocate and is working towards a birth doula certification. When she is not thinking about social justice movements or working, she enjoys being outside, playing music, drinking coffee and listening to podcasts.

Where you can find her: Poughkeepsie on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays