Birth Prep 101
A birthing class that takes a candid, yet comprehensive and thoroughly educational approach.  Birth Prep 101 is held as an informal discussion session covering all of the key points you need to know about giving birth in today’s healthcare system.

This class covers:
* Choosing Your Birth Team
* Deciding where you want to have your baby
* The Anatomy of Pregnancy and Birth
* Third Trimester Discomforts and Remedies
* Complications in Pregnancy/Birth
* Nutritional Considerations
* What can I do to prepare?
* How do I know if “it’s time” and what do I do?
* Medications and interventions
* Positions for Labor and Birth
* Birth Techniques
* How to write an effective birth plan
* Birth Partners and their role

This class is held as one day lasting 6 hours with a 30 minute lunch break. Consider bringing a snack and a pillow for comfort.  This class is beneficial for birth partners to attend but is not mandatory.

The cost of this class is $160.

Poughkeepsie Location
Saturday, July 15; 12:30-6:30pm in Beacon
Saturday, August 5; 12:30-6:30pm in Poughkeepsie
Saturday, September 16; 12:30-6:30pm in Beacon
Saturday, October 14; 12:30-6:30pm in Poughkeepsie
Saturday, November 18; 12:30-6:30pm in Beacon
Saturday, December 2; 12:30-6:30pm in Poughkeepsie

This class is also offered as part of our comprehensive, 4 part Birth Essentials Childbirth Education Series.

If need more information about Birth Prep 101, please contact the instructor Amanda Winters, RN, HCHI  by phone at 845-264-0392, via email or visit online at

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