FREE Babywearing Tune Up!
We have been selling and tuning all types of baby carriers since 2007!

Need help with a baby carrier you own? Need help choosing a carrier that is right for you (and partner) and your baby? Come to our free tune up every Wednesday- any carrier, and regardless of where you purchased it we are happy to help ensure your baby is safe and your back is comfy! Or we will help you chose the carrier that is the best match for your family.

We find people carrying babies have lots of questions

  • Is this safe for my baby’s age/size/tone

  • Is this good for someone with an upper/lower/mid back injury or pain

  • Is this how the carrier should lay on my body?

  • How do I nurse in this carrier?

  • How long will this carrier last by age/weight?

  • Is this good for an adoptive baby/child?

  • How can I carry multiples?

  • How can I carry two different aged children?

    All carriers are included, such as

  • Ring slings

  • Soft structured carriers

  • Mei tais

  • Stretchy wraps

  • Woven wraps

  •  Any other

** If you purchase a carrier the day of the Babywearing Tune Up you will receive 10% off the carrier!  Good for during the tune up only! **

Wednesdays; 10-12pm.

RSVP is not necessary. If you have any questions, please call 845-473-5952 or email