Audrey loves and is dedicated to the practice of yoga. She enjoys being present for the process and taking all the lessons she learns on her mat and bringing them off her mat and out into the world. Inspiration is found in the world around her, the seasons, all living creatures, rock and roll music, poetry,dance, hugs, smiles, human connection, gratitude and deep down love. She truly believes the sweetness and magic of this practice. 

Audrey's yoga training began in 2012 at Happy Buddha Yoga with teacher Kelly Kamm. After becoming a Vinyasa teacher she continued her interest and was trained by The Prison Yoga Project, Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby, Rasa Restorative Yoga and Baby Moon Prenatal Yoga.

She completed her Prenatal training at YogaWorks in Manhattan with teacher Carrie Parker. She learned of the importance of yoga for pregnant women. Poses, movement, breath work, mudras and mantras will help women find comfort and ease during pregnancy while preparing them for labor. Yoga will offer time to slow down and relax to help form a deeper connection to their baby.  This all in happens in a community of women who are celebrating similar milestones.

Audrey Wojciechowski