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From: andrea Khan

My husband and I signed up for Jenn's breastfeeding class, expecting just that but what we got was a whole lot more. During the first few weeks of my sons birth we had a few issues with nursing, so Jenn told me to come by and she would see how she could help us. Jenn spent quite some time that day (and several weeks after via email) helping my son and I with what turned out to be such a beautiful 2 1/2 year breastfeeding experience. I also highly recommend the bra fitting service they have at Waddle n Swaddle, as someone said before they really went the "extra mile" to help with whatever problems I had from what bra to buy to what breast pump is best for me and more.

From: Kelly

Not only is Waddle N Swaddle a great local store with great products, they are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything from birth to baby (& children). They offer tremendous in-store support as well as classes. Jenn, the owner, is fantastic and is always available to answer questions and, thank God for this service, get you properly fitted for a nursing bra. Never doubt the importance of that service. I would highly recommend Waddle N Swaddle to anyone looking for products /services and staff that go the extra mile.

From: Cyd Klein

Kerry spent a long time educating us about the different types of cloth diapers and diaper covers they sell. She was informative without being pushy. Afterwards, I even recommended some products to her to check out and she followed up on them right away. Also, the mom & baby yoga class is terrific and one of a kind!

From: Chrissy

Waddle and Swaddle has become a sanctuary for me. While recovering from the birth of my baby, I was looking for a place that was baby and breast feeding friendly in the middle of winter. I ended up at the breast feeding support group and have been hooked since. Thanks to the knowledgable owners and other moms that frequent there, I have bought so many high quality awesome products for myself and my family. Jenn helped me get into cloth diapering and answered my questions anytime I asked. Jenn and her staff have been an excellent resource in so many different areas of child raising and breastfeeding. Its just a great place that is warm and cozy and welcoming any given day of the week. As a local labor nurse, I am constantly telling new parents where to go for the best gear, information, and support.

From: Colleen

I was introduced to Waddle N Swaddle four years ago when I was looking for a nursing bra after the birth of my daughter and I found so much more. Waddle N Swaddle is not just a fantastic store, it's a wonderful resource for moms, whether it's their first child or fifth.

From: Sarah Shapiro

I don't even know how to choose where to start describing how wonderful Waddle N Swaddle has been for us. We live a 45 min drive north of the Rhinebeck store, but we still make the trip there when we can because it is like visiting friends, and more than that, helpful, experienced, supportive friends. It is always clear when we are there that supporting families is Kerry's priority, regardless of what or how much anyone buys. When we went to the store a few weeks after our daughter was born, and I was having difficulties, our visit really picked me up and turned around my whole week -- or more. Kerry figured out how to help me help my baby with sleep issues in a gentle way that was just amazing. She's been a remarkable, generous, priceless resource for all my new Mom baby questions. Hooray for Waddle N Swaddle! I recommend it to all of my friends whenever possible. I only wish it was closer to where I live, because I would love to go there more often and regularly attend their wonderful support groups.

From: allison gould

Jenn and Kerry have created so much more than a beautiful store selling quality, useful, lovely, and responsible products. They have created a community - of parents, grandparents, service providers, and friends. Everyone is welcome, no question goes answered. The word "can't" or "won't" doesn't get spoken at Waddle & Swaddle. Jenn and Kerry always find a way. When I first suggested a Mama & Baby Yoga class to Kerry, she had barely opened the doors of the Rhinebeck location. But she instead of saying "someday" she threw her full support behind it and helped me make it happen. Sharing yoga with all the moms and babies in such a nurturing and warm environment has been one of the most incredible parts of my own motherhood journey.

From: beverly kipp

I am a grandmother and a nurse in the local birth center. Waddle and Swaddle expanded to our community and provides much more than merchandise. Lead by example - that is what we hope for and at Waddle and Swaddle in Rhinebeck, Kerry welcomes you into her "home away from home" wearing her baby, smiling and offers much more than shopping help. It is clear from her actions that serving the community and new mothers, father - and grandmparents - is at the core of their business mission. Oh, and I love, love, love their merchandise. I have four grown children and never fail to learn something new and often valuable when I visit Waddle and Swaddle. Thanks Kerry.

From: Randi

I live in NYC where this is no shortage of cool stuff for kids and STILL i prefer to come to Waddle N Swaddle. Why? Because not only is the merchandise beautifully curated, but I feel like I'm entering a community that I'm a part of. Endless advise, support, and conversation. It's also wonderful to come and take mommy and baby yoga classes reinforcing that feeling of community. The store has become a center for mom's in the area. I can call Kerry anytime with any questions on products, baby issues, you name it. Where else can you find that? Waddle N Swaddle is truly a special place.

From: Jill DiGiovanni

WnS has been there for me from my first pregnancy in 2009 until today, now with two lovely girls! I have purchased many amazing, environmentally friendly, safe products for myself and my girls. Most importantly, I have gotten endless support - breastfeeding advice/help, advice on baby products, and support groups both online and in the store. The WnS community is second to none!

From: Melissa H

There's no other store like Waddle n Swaddle in the area. I first discovered them through my massage therapist, Heather Kading, because she opened her pre-natal/post-partum practice there. I have enjoyed all of the classes I have taken there; and I would be lost without the breastfeeding support group and the wonderful moms I've met there. Jenn is extremely knowledgeable about the products she sells, and you can trust that anything you buy is as top quality as the service you receive.

From: Stephanie Dortort

Waddle and Swaddle is a truly special and one of a kind place! I discovered it while pregnant with my first son 3 years ago. I originally went into the store to find out about cloth diapering and found a whole lot more. Since my first time in the store, I have called on Jenn for advice on many different things from breastfeeding to baby wearing to parenting in general. She has always taken the time to help me out and goes above and beyond. I feel so blessed and lucky to have found such a great resource in my own community!

From: Christina Conte

Waddle and Swaddle is such a special store. I found it while pregnant with my first child. I went in to gain some knowledge on cloth diapers and came out with so much more. The owner, Jenn Sullivan, took the time to explain cloth diapering, as well as baby wearing and breast feeding. Since our son was born, Waddle and Swaddle has been more than just a store with great items, it has been a support system. There have been many times I've had questions on topics such as breastfeeding, fertility, and child development. Jenn has always taken the time to offer her advice, which I trust wholeheartedly as she is a gentle mother of two and a certified lactation consultant. Waddle and Swaddle is a blessing to the Mothers of Dutchess County.

From: Christopher DAngelo

My wife and I have been shopped at Waddle N Swaddle for all three of our children. What sets WnS apart from the big box baby stores is that the owners only chose products that they themselves would use for their own children. Also, it's not just about buying the products and then forgetting about the customer. The owners have created a real sense of community and support in both their POK and RBK locations. If you want the best quality products for your children coupled with a supportive community environment - then WnS is for you.

From: Krista

Waddle n Swaddle has been my go to for all things pregnancy and baby related for the past 3.5 years. They are amazing for their wonderful lending library, the knowledge and help of the owners, knowing that they only sell things they would use on their own children, and starting a wonderful online community to help moms meet and encourage each other. I love that WnS isn't a store, it's a community. It's where I have found my 'tribe'.

From: Tracy B

WnS is more than a store it has a heart. Jenn and her team have successfully created a place where new mom's feel welcomed and safe in what can be a tumultuous time of life. I have confidence and comfort in the products sold at WnS mostly due to the wealth of information that is provided my the staff in both knowledge and use of the product. It is just understood that the store only carries items of exceptional quality, as WnS cares about our little ones too. I really can't say enough great things about this shop. I have attended multiple workshops and classes at WnS, all of which were extremely helpful as a first time mommy and post pardom self care. I love WNS!

From: Alicia

There is no other place like Waddle N Swaddle! The owners are full of knowledge and always willing to help. I love all of the products. The classes are amazing and I have had such a successful pregnancy because of this store. I am so happy that this store has been a part of my life!!!

From: Lauren

Amazing local store where I can get real, down to earth advice for my baby on things I need and even just parenting basics. The people there are friendly and real, not just store employees looking to sell their products. The things in the store are exactly what I'm looking for, and sometimes things I didn't even know I needed. I don't know where I'd be without Waddle N Swaddle!!

From: Nichole

There are so many wonderful things about WnS I could never commend them enough. First is the personal nature in which the owners/ staff treat the customers. You are friends and they genuinely care about you and your family’s well-being. Secondly every single product in the store has been researched as the best product of its kind. Therefore, you can be a little less type “A” because you know they did their homework. Thirdly they are down to earth and no hard sellers here. Lastly, but not at all the least, they take time to provide the much needed support to moms through support groups and classes held onsite. It was these groups and classes that educated me and enhanced my mothering so that I am the best mother I can be. I can honestly say without WnS I wouldn’t have had the knowledge that allowed me to be the mom I knew I always wanted to be. Thanks Jen

From: Ann Marie

Waddle n Swaddle is so much more than just a store! It is an AMAZING local resource... a diamond in the rough! Jenn Sullivan is a wealth of knowledge on everything mommy, baby, breastfeeding, and women! Jenn gives so much of herself and puts it into this store and the community that comes into it. She is a certified Lactation consultant and a great support for all mommies and takes her own time to run a FREE breast feeding support group twice a week (one in each location!). She saved my sanity when my second child was born and I was having latching issues and weight gain problems. She was there for me anytime I needed her and was checking on me daily when she knew I needed it! And I know MANY other mommies whom that she has done the same for! This is not the exception it is her rule to be there for any mommy who reaches out for help. You just don't find people and stores like this everywhere. Waddle and Swaddle is something special and you feel that the moment you walk through the door. You will feel like family and are treated as such. I am so thankful for Waddle and Swaddle and I know I would not have been as successful at breastfeeding if it was not for this store. Not to mention the amazing amount of time she has taken on answering a bazillion questions on carriers and cloth diapers and baby lotions and nursing bras and tanks... the list goes on. What an amazing local resource that I am so proud to have in my community!

From: Dana De Falco

Waddle and Swaddle is more then just a boutique in which pregnant women, nursing mothers, mothers, and significant others purchase key essentials needed for their new journeys of welcoming or caring for a child. It is a home away from home for many of us, helping many mothers through providing support groups that are held in the stores in which the owners genuinely care, appreciate, and love what they do for the communities they serve. It is not an easy feat listening to pregnant women and mothers all day, but each time support is needed or a question asked whether it is about a product, or personal experience, there is a prompt answer with logicality and sound reasoning behind it. I stumbled upon Waddle and Swaddle, and when I did I was in my glory!! It is not a short drive from where I live, it is approximately 45-60 minutes away, but it is THE ONLY store I go to for my baby needs. I know when I purchase anything it is of the highest caliber of quality that can be bought. Waddle an Swaddle gives you the feel of having your own personal pregnancy, motherhood guru at your whim, but with a sense of being at your best friends home. The boutique is one of a kind offering the best brands- tried and tested, with an above par customer service ethic and appreciation for each and every person who walks through the door.

From: Rachel

Waddle N Swaddle has been my go to for almost 5 years. When searching for some help with a baby carrier I stumbled upon this great lIttle store located 45mimutes north of where I live. I went there in desperation to learn how to carrier my brand new baby in a wrap sling and found something greater then a store. I found women who support, embrace and nuture eachother and share their knowledge and wisdom without being judgmental. When baby #4 came along 3 years later covered in head to toe with baby acne I knew just where to go. The 45 minute drive north was well worth it! I was able to pick up a product that was locally made That was all natural and with in 1week cleared up his skin! Waddle N Swaddle has been a staple in helping me provide my children with safe healthy products, it has given me knowledge and support when I couldn't find it locally and has helped me be a better mother all around.

From: Morgan D

Waddle N Swaddle is an incredible local resource to all who enter! It is far greater than a store or boutique. In addition to carrying unique and useful baby and child essentials, the staff and services provided by Waddle and Swaddle are amazing! As a first time mom entering the store, I was filled with wonderful knowledge and insight to help guide me through the trials and tribulations lots of parents face. As a veteran mom entering the store I was remembered and provided insight to helping me with my second, because as I learned, all children are soooo different! The store is beautiful and has so much to offer, but what is truly amazing is the staff who runs it. Waddle N Swaddle is a breath of fresh air in a time when quality customer service has practically disappeared. Waddle N Swaddle by far exceeds any other place of business I've encountered. They are a necessity in the Hudson Valley!

From: Heather K

I don't even know where to start. WnS has seriously changed my life! I frst learned about WnS a few months after having my son. I was looking for postpartum fitness classes and new mom support groups. WnS was the only place that I could find. And I am so happy that I did. The resources here are amazing. Jenn, Kerry and their staff are so knowledgeable, helpful and caring. They go out of their way to help you. The products they offer the the best on the market! And a lot of them are local and hand-made. I feel at home when I walk through the door. I will never shop anywhere else and I refer everyone I know to WnS!!!

From: Lauren

I had heard about Waddle N Swaddle while pregnant with my first baby. From the moment I walked in I was an instant fan and loyal shopper! They have really delivered with the high quality selection of products for maternity to toddler and I love everything that I have bought. The support groups and programs that they offer are also fantastic and I learned some valuable information over the months from participating in these. Waddle N Swaddle offers services and products that no one else has in the area and that can never be duplicated. They are such an asset to both communities that they are in and I am so thankful that they are close to my home!

From: Caitlin K

Waddle n Swaddle is the greatest local resource for parents in the Hudson Valley. When I buy something at WnS, I already know that it will be of excellent quality & safe for my child in every way. The owners bring so much to our area by supporting community outreach projects and fun family events. They continually strive to make the world a better place, and it truly shows. WnS directly supports our local economy by carrying handmade, one-of-a-kind items. Their staff is so patient and helpful to find practical solutions for every sort of parenting dilemma. Great advice, no pressure. That kind of personal attention is so rare in this fast-paced world & it means so much to a new mother who is low on sleep and full of questions. I am always impressed by the courtesy, patience, and knowledge of the owners. It is their genuine care and expertise that makes this store so special. Waddle n Swaddle also serves as a community-center of sorts - they offer fantastic workshops, classes, activities, and support groups. There is something for everyone here: high quality, fun, and practical merchandise at a variety of price points. Customer feedback is taken very seriously, all parents and children are treated with personal attention and respect. I am so very grateful to have access to this excellent resource while engaged in the most important job of my life: parenthood. Thank you Waddle n Swaddle!

From: Jessica Bruen

Shopping at Waddle n Swaddle and befriending the amazingly talented ladies that own the stores have helped shape how I parent my daughter. The products they sell are all ones they use themselves, so you know they're great! I would never have cloth diapered or known about baby wearing if it wasn't for Jenn and Kerry. I always wanted to nurse, but it was Jenn's expertise and passion that helped me succeed. So many of their products? have made my baby healthier, happier, and my life easier! These are amazingly innovative and forward thinking women that have changed the lives of parents everywhere. I truly appreciate everything Waddle n Swaddle has to offer and I would love to see them expand and continue to succeed!

From: Helena

Waddle N Swaddle is such a unique treasure for the community it serves - and beyond. I live in lower Westchester, well over an hour away from either of the two stores, but WnS is easily my most-often visited baby/maternity store and has otherwise been an invaluable resource to me as a mother. The store itself stocks cutting edge maternity and baby products with a natural/organic bent - but not in a beat-you-over-the-head crunchy way. Every product the store stocks has been thoroughly researched and/or tested by the owners, which gives me peace of mind that I am not wasting money on yet another useless or poorly made baby product (there are an abundance of such out there). In addition, the owners not only actively provide support, encouragement and support to their clientele, but also facilitate both online and face-to-face support groups where their clientele could provide this to one another. In so doing, WnS has created an incomparable community of mothers and fathers who may not all have the same parenting ideals, but are still able to share ideas and advice, as well as commiserate. Finally, the owners and staff go out of their way to provide fabulous customer service to its clientele. It never ceases to amaze me that, with a quick e-mail, I could have just about anything shipped to me from the store (including a potty seat!) for $5 and it arrives the next day. They always thoroughly answer questions, will send photos of anything in the store, and are always open to entertaining suggestions for new products. With WnS at my fingertips, I have very little desire to shop elsewhere!

From: Rachel

The staff is incredibly helpful and have a great deal of knowledge. I felt comfortable and every single product I have purchased has been perfect for my and my baby's needs. I wish I had gone there 2 children ago for my children. Their advanced knowledge of the many products is amazing. I love the store and the staff! Lifesavers!

From: Kristin Martin

The women who run this store, as well as the patrons, are a nurturing community of women who help each other through the challenges and celebrate the victories of motherhood. Not only am I in love with the products that the store provides, but I value the community that the store creates....It's a collective belief in "natural" living that brings the products and people together. WnS a staple of the community, in my opinion. I'm so happy to have found both!

From: Sharyn

Waddle n Swaddle is more than a store, it's a community resource! I've learned so much about parenting and breastfeeding through the store with its wonderful support groups. On top of that, I am able to buy quality, safe products for me and my children- all locally! I can rest assured that the owners have done valuable research and only stock items they do/would use on their own children. Like I said, it's more than a store, it's piece of mind!

From: Heather Conklin

This store has been so good for the needs for me and my daughter. It has given me a better understanding of my mind body and soul through classes and support groups. It is my go-to! I have always wanted children and with Waddle and Swaddles merch... And support... I am confident not only in myself, but what I do for my baby.

From: Samantha

Waddle N Swaddle is a fantastic family-oriented store that do their best to help and succeed at helping find the right product for your needs. They stand behind every product they sell and are very good at matching a product to your needs. The girls that work at Waddle N Swaddle go above and behind in customer services and will help you until you have exactly what you need even if it needs to be ordered. They treat customers as family and will always be my #1 baby store for everything needed from diapers to carriers. Their mommy groups also help new mothers with breastfeeding struggles and don't rush you to buy things or to get in and out of the store as fast as possible.

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