Amelia Breitmaier


Amelia is a mom to two handsome boys; Landon,7, and Colton, 1. She is also the wife of a wonderful husband (and third child), Justin. She has been working at Waddle n Swaddle for 6 years officially this summer. She loves working for Waddle n Swaddle because it allows her to bring her youngest child to work and to not have to miss out on precious milestones and be away from him like most working moms. Working here, for her, was always about having fun and giving herself some "mom" time with other moms. While she still loves this aspect, the longer she worked here, she began to see a whole new purpose for herself. She has a masters in teaching and when she wasn't able to find a full time teaching position, the store became a different type of teaching opportunity. She loved teaching children but now she gets to teach and help moms, new and veteran, about a variety of topics from carriers, to skincare products we sell, to cloth diapers and even bras! She likes to think of her specialties as helping moms with carriers and to finding them a great new bra. Amelia says, it is so fun to fit a woman for a new bra and see her whole-body language change once she feel comfortable and supported. This has always been a major goal for her while working here, get another mom to feel comfortable and supported; whether it be in parenting, a new bra, a new carrier or just feeling that way while being in the store itself. Being a part of this community is so important to her and she doesn’t think that she could ever get tired of meeting and greeting moms and their kids when they walk through our doors. Especially when a mom trusts her to hold their new baby (another specialty of hers), and she gets to breathe in that new baby smell. This "job" is always offering her new things and different opportunities that make it exciting and rewarding to be here every day, and for that, she is grateful!

Where you can find her: Beacon on Thursdays and Fridays