Acupuncture Offerings
Tune in to your body and take power over your health with acupuncture!

Community Acupuncture

What is Community Style Acupuncture?
Community style acupuncture is performed in a communal setting at rates lower than typical private room sessions. In this setting, several people can receive treatments at the same time. The classroom space at Waddle n Swaddle will be set up with space for 4 people to be treated simultaneously in the same room. When you arrive, we will have an opportunity to briefly chat about your health and then begin the treatment.

This type of setting is well-suited for
* ongoing treatments
* symptoms of pregnancy (morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness, aches and pains, swelling of the ankles, heartburn, breech presentation, etc),
* labor assistance (breech presentation, facilitating the start of labor and, "Prebirth Acupuncture" - helps shorten labor
* breastfeeding relief (plugged ducts, mastitis)
* general pain, preventative medicine and energy/immune boosting

If you have more complex health issues, would like to discuss your health under more private conditions, or feel you need more than 10 minutes to discuss your health before treatment, I recommend booking a private treatment and following-up with Community Style Acupuncture at Waddle n Swaddle for ongoing treatments and tune-ups. 

Wednesdays, 10-12am; $30 per session at our Poughkeepsie location. 

Acupuncture by Appointment

As a healthcare practitioner, my objective is to empower you with the knowledge of wellness, to teach you how to listen to your body, and to help bring you to a state of balance. I will educate you not only to interpret the messages your body is sending, but also to respond in a practical way. I specialize in fertility treatments, treatments for all stages of pregnancy, and pediatric wellness care.

I like to remind patients that fertility treatments are not solely for those wishing to conceive. Likewise, acupuncture and herbal tinctures can be used as an overall wellness practice treating both acute traumas and seasonal or lifestyle changes (i.e. allergies, flu, diet, pregnancy, and life thereafter!).

Wednesdays, 12-8pm at our Poughkeepsie location.

For a more in-depth look into fertility, pregnancy, and pediatric treatments, visit my website or pick up a brochure at either Waddle n Swaddle location. And for questions, or to make an appointment, contact Johanna by phone 917-803-2403 or via email at